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Balti Supreme

Authentic curry, most common in the Punjab area. This curry marries caramelised spices into a rich gravy with peppers and onions to enhance the experience further. Best suited with basmati rice or garlic naan.


Curries traditionally use ginger for their flavour as well as therapeutic properties. The Ada dish is rich in ginger and very aromatic.


A powerful blend of peppers, onions and fresh chillies make this a hot contender, yet has an extremely loyal following. The spices create a subtle balanced flavour.


Favourite among Himalayan tribesmen, this medium-spiced curry fuses ideas and flavours of the Chinese and Punjabi people, stir fried with chunky onions and peppers.


An initial mild flavour with an aftertaste of spice explosion. This dish combines coconut fused with herbs and spices to bring you a contrast in extreme flavours.


Lemon and lime gravy sauce with a zesty and tangy combination, married in a spicy gravy.


Indian pickle is diffused into the sauce of this tangy curry, combining zest with the spices, perfectly complemented with mushroom rice.


Rich in coconut and butter which are caramelised before creating a rich, mild-to-medium gravy. Best suited with Peshwari Naan.


Garlic gravy sauce with strong anti-blood-clotting properties, garlic is common in all the dishes but particularly rich in Sultani.


A dish made with a rich, light almond gravy giving a cooling rather than a spicy effect.

Mirch Massala

A hot flavoured sauce with fresh chillies, unique twist on a favourite hot curry.