Menu: Vegetarian Dishes

Aloo Chana

In a shallow gravy sauce, this dish has chick peas and potatoes, seasoned and cooked with herbs and spices.

Aloo Gobi

A dry dish, best suited to chapattis. This combination of potato and cauliflower is prepared in light spices.

Aloo Nariyal

Potatoes in a coconut-flavoured curry sauce. Very refreshing - ideal with a garlic naan.

Baingon Sarson

Aubergines in a rich mustard seed gravy.

Bhindi Massala

Okra in a light gravy with spices and herbs.

Dall Massala

Lentils in a rich, thick massala sauce, traditional in many parts of the sub-continent. Eaten with rice or chapattis.

Gobi Sabzi

Cauliflower and mixed vegetables, lightly spiced.

Kadu Dall

Pumpkin and lentils - a great combination of flavours, lightly spiced with a thick sauce.

Kadu Saag

Pumpkin and spinach - a dry dish with spice fusion.

Bombay Aloo

Well-known. Lightly-spiced potatoes.

Saag Aloo

Spinach and potatoes in a light dry sauce.

Saag Dall

Spinach and lentils - a great combination of flavours, lightly spiced with a thick sauce.

Saag Sabzi

Spinach and vegetables in a spicy gravy.

Tarka Dall

Soup-like lentil curry with garlic.

Vegetable Curry

Vegetables in a medium-spiced curry sauce.

Sultani Aloo

Rich garlic potatoes in a dry sauce.

Chana Dansak

Chick peas in a sweet, sour and hot lentil curry.

Chana Karahi

Chick peas with chunky peppers and onions in a Himalayan-style dry gravy.

Kumbi Bhuna

Mushrooms in a thick, dry tomato-based gravy.

Mottar Paneer

Indian-style cheese with green peas in a light gravy.

Shahi Paneer Korma

Indian-style cheese with seasonal vegetables in mild creamy sauce - best with pilau rice or naan.

Chana Massala

Chick peas in a fluffy gravy, lightly spiced. Very popular among the Punjabi people.

Punjabi Mirch Kumbi

Onions, mushrooms and fresh chillies - stir fried.